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Nov 27, 2017Posted By DigitalNext

How To Put The Fun Back Into Corporate Travel

Are you someone who has to frequently travel for business? If so, you probably have a hoard of friends who think you are the luckiest person on this planet – you get to travel Australia and get paid for it! Whilst this is indeed a stereotypical perk, business travellers will also know that sometimes it is not all that fun when it comes to corporate travel. Your first few trips may seem a luxury, but when you have travelled forty times for business, the fun can start to elude you.

Here are a few ways on how you can put the fun back into corporate travel.


1. Plan Your Trip Like It Is An Adventure

Just because you are travelling for business it does not mean that you are not allowed to squeeze in a little rest and relaxation into your spare time. There are plenty of guides, lists and travel blogs available on the internet which can tell you the best things to do in pretty much every place in the world. If you have a few spare hours in the evening to yourself, book a reservation at a fancy restaurant and treat yourself. This way, you are both getting your business settled like a boss and allowing yourself some well deserved rest and relaxation.

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2. Stay At A Service Apartment Instead Of A Hotel

Hotels are a luxury that all of us enjoy – we know. But many travellers do eventually start to dread the boring old hotel routine. Check in to a small room, and then check out. Why not switch up this mundane routine by checking into a serviced apartment instead. Because serviced apartments usually come fully equipped, you can do things such as wash your laundry and cook up a meal for yourself, all from the comfort of your serviced apartment – It sure beats over-priced room service and laundry costs!


3. Meet Your Mates Halfway!

If you are looking to take a well-deserved trip with your friends, why not get them to meet you halfway at your destination? That way, you can all have an exciting trip, killing two birds with one stone. You can get on Tripadvisor to find out the best places to shop, wine and dine with your mates, and enjoy the perks of a full holiday whilst also getting the nitty gritty of business out of the way. Alternatively, if you business trip is on a Friday, why not lay-over for the weekend and explore a city that you may not have visited – After all, your boss may have paid for the flight tickets at least!


4. Beat That Jet Lag Like A Champ

Finally, one of the most grating things about business travel can sometimes be that awful jet lag that we all experience. Experts say that getting out into the sunshine helps our bodies recover from jet lag quickly. Instead of staying indoors as soon as you arrive at your destination, go for a walk in the park – even if it is a mere 10-minute walk and it will do wonders for your body – Do not forget to eat well and stay hydrated to combat the side effects of jet lag.



We hope that these 4 handy tips will help rekindle your love for corporate travel, making it a fun experience for you yet again. With a little planning, you can always fit a sneaky little retreat into any business travel.

Good luck!


RNR Adelaide Content Team

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