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Nov 27, 2017Posted By DigitalNext

It Happens – How To Cure Holiday Depression

We’ve all been there: the wonderful holiday that is followed by an emotional slump and holiday depression as we assimilate back into our normal lives – Some dub it the ”Post-Holiday Blues”. Whatever you call it, it affects many of us.

We’ve put together five of the best tips to help you remember that holiday for the greatness it was, but not be so utterly depressed about getting back into your routine.


Expect the blues

The post-holiday blues are going to happen. When good things come to an end, of course, you’re going to feel sad. Keep in mind that this feeling is normal, and it’s unrealistic to be able to live on a continual holiday. Be grateful for the time that you did have away and try to remain positive whilst getting back into the swing of things back home. Prepare for some sadness, and treat yourself with care during this time.


Realise the holiday doesn’t have to end totally

Perhaps you engaged with an exciting new culture while you were on holiday, or tried a delicious foreign dish? Extend the life of your holiday by buying a recipe book and trying to cook the meal at home. Learn about the country’s special culture and absorb some of the values into your own life. Think about how your vacation can inform good choices in your life. That way, your holiday will stay with you forever.


Share your experiences

What better way to relive the beauty and wonder of your holiday than to share your experiences with your loved ones. Get a slideshow of your photos up and running, and have a slide night with some tasty treats inspired by your adventure. Perhaps you might want to make an album, and share them on social media? Or you might have kept a journal and want to read through your personal scribblings with friends. Whatever your method of sharing is, it’s a great way to really appreciate the time you had away and be able to learn something from it all.


Take care of yourself

As you’re realising that post-holiday blues are a very real thing, it’s important to take adequate care of yourself. Be kind to yourself as you get back into the groove of normal life. Make sure you’re well-hydrated, well-fed and getting enough sleep. Do things that make you happy, and ensure you ease back into the busy cycle of everyday life.


Stay connected with travel

Use your post-holiday blues as motivation! Planning your next big trip is a great way to maintain positivity in everyday life. Humans thrive off having things to look forward to, it’s what makes times of hardship so much more bearable. So even though you might have another six months or a year of solid work ahead of you, start planning your trip now and the time will pass quickly.



How are we meant to slide back into the mundanity of 9-5 when we were experiencing new cultures and tropical climates just last week!? Never fear, you’re not alone. There are ways you can combat this severe affliction! Adhere to these five tips and you’ll be enjoying your holidays to the max whilst living your best life.

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